AthleticsICC is the partner that your Club NEEDS to be FULLY PROTECTED for Liability.

AthleticsICC offers a full range of insurance options that will give you “peace of mind” to focus on what is most important to you and your sports club. 

With over 42 years of experience combined, our highly-skilled team of experts understand the specific risks involved in all aspects of running and managing a sports training facility, seasonal camps, competitions and a sports club or association. Our experts will guide you to the appropriate and necessary comprehensive coverages that are right for you and your program. From general liability to sports accident protection, we have the coverage you need.

The reality is that accidents happen and having the appropriate insurance coverage could protect you from extreme financial loss. We’re here to help you prevent any personal loss due to that exposure of risk. 

Choose the right plans that fit your program needs.

AthleticsICC provides assistance to Club Owners with choosing the right insurance coverage including: